USDA- Buy bearish #?
Good Thursday Traders,

All opinions news and fake, trading ideas and chart-lines that
My product is putting specific levels where you can buy 100 with a .22c stop like yesterday in hogs 54.05. This blue hashed line was only 2ticks under Tuesday limit down on huge volume @54.10.
I put it out there early for those flat looking for a levels to buy. 3 more levels <$1.50lower.
1st-time-down !
It almost doesn't matter if you have a will located risk stop.

For example, yesterday my mentoring tech guy called and worried he didn't have a stop on a trade.
He always wants to have a stop in and was panicking because he didn't.

My point is to my rural traders is,
" Why can't more of you be like that?

This is another experiment for us.
Hogs had huge change in ownership there. If your bullish into year-end you should have some scale down buys with stops or without if investing speculating. Corn and wheat ditto.
Soft has quality concerns. Stay long or press over 509 WZ.
Trading capital depleted.
Ok, let's try this new rule;
No overnight
and especially
over the weekend positions.

You won't miss anything.
Trade like the flat overnight ALGOs.
Opens higher and you buy it Over open? But you never come in stuck. TOL.
Dow Jones to high tick 9 day rally 1800 points off that OLB. Less than 10 day rally. Options anyone?
Crude, 72.72 was that Long long term red. HALF WAY off Top.
US dollar has very similar level up by recent highs.
These are very long term players so if bearish I would have some open orders working. The mkt is in its own timeline. That hogs trade could have been bottom. It's big level.
Orange juice hit OLB and org., with funds selling. Buy calls?

Wheat- game on press higher if we move higher into year-end. WZ 5.09.
Last 2 Dec we did break into Dec. Just play the levels with stops at least on the adds. We are over last 2 FSP.
Dow Jones, sell it up here with a new high stop over yesterday is a trade idea 10am today. Stay fresh.
Give me a call when we slow down and let's talk chart levels. 312.957.8248


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