An example of how Grains trade so well to our TGPivots

Grains historically have traded well to these time tested pivots we so respectfully and proudly present to you every once in a while on barchart.

Today, we present how Corn and Wheat trade so amazingly well while respecting these levels. We teach you on a 1:1 session (no recorded webinar) - in how you could possibly trade to these simple setups. Trading ought to be simple - if you have to keep watching order flow intraday to enter/exit - trust us when we say - it will get stale ver quickly very fast! Reach out to us via the contact forms on our webiste - it will be the best decision you make towards reshaping your futures trading game.

Here is Corn falling right thru initial support but respecting secondary support & Wheat rejecting the third level of intraday resistance but finding new support at secondary resistance intraday. It is simple methods like this that makes trading to price alone a fun experience while leaving the hair raising experience with keeping track of order flow - overbought/oversold indicators alone.