Market News: Did China Link The Yuan to Gold?
chinese gold,

We’ve  about the ongoing China-US economic clash, and how many expect China to eventually . There are signs that this may be happening now.  The South China Morning Post ran an article yesterday stating  to 1843 tonnes — an increase of a mere 4 tonnes from the previous figure.

Big yawn, right? An astute analyst, either out of brilliance or boredom, put together a chart which shows the yuan moving in lock-step with gold prices, while the US Dollar swings around wildly. Have they gone and done it — actually pinned the Chinese Yuan to gold?  Sharp  would look at this chart and say “probably not”; it’s likely a normal relationship between two things that are relatively stable, and one that is not.  But will doubtless go goofy over this.  We advise taking a calm view, and simply trading on.

You can see the chart in , which is incredibly short.  And let us know what you think. Is this the next salvo by the Chinese to take down the US economy?
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