Market News: Metals-Backed Cybercoin Halts Sales
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Last year, several new cryptocoins  promising to right a major fault with the cryptos: the sense that they aren’t backed by anything.  Other than the good looks and dashing charm of their creators, of course. Cryptocoins appeared that claimed they were backed by gold, silver, and a few other precious metals.  Then along came the  — a virtual meltdown, with cyber coins disappearing as fast as a magician’s rabbit.

The price crash that  halted a lot of new coin introductions and led some investors (nee speculators) to look for “safe” ‘coins.  was one of those, claiming it was backed by precious metals. So, in theory, it would publish the underlying portfolio of the coin and investors would value it more than other cryptos, right?  Well, the story may still play out like that, but for now, Tiberius has halted sales of the coin “to refund 1 million USD” to its investors, according to published sources. Because credit card fees are too high. For some reason that just doesn’t sound right, and this move probably doesn’t bode well for Tiberius.

You can read more about it in today’s featured article. Then let us know whether you think cryptocurrencies have a future or if they’re just another flash in the pan.

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