Pre-USDA, Buy Bearish Report?, LC FC OLS, KWZ.

Good morning

Strategic view

CORN- Let's see what the $3.60 bears can do. I like standing at my long term macro levels to buy. I made long term bottom call in corn on an org 3.43 support, and tiny OLB2 under 3.48ish. This was confirmed with a reversal down bar my sequence right into olive buy extreme. 5c sloppy.

Buy corn lower if you use it. Cost of fuel for foreigners is exploding folks. DOLLAR IS STRONG but has OLS up here 96-ish, if bearish call

Beans- $8.60ish last- I have about 6 long and short term lines that play now that we are back Over. Call for levels if bullish and want to make a bet, 5c stops or scale down smaller is what I tell clients, that always plunge at one price.

Let market come to you. Beans are back over (pivot) old monthly lows also, so leave the short selling to others on this $3break.

My call- Beansbasis bottomed, in SD soybeans at $5.80if I heard scare tactics right. I'm bullish SD beans under $600folks. Almost$3.00under futures.

WHEAT-KC I like it under 515. I can't give precise levels as is customer privilege in my book. LCZ 117.15 Mon went unable at low. Filled later.

What do you look for in wheat?

Risk 6c to maybe make 50c if this turns. This is what I used to specialize with on the trading floor.

Risk small for a big one.

Those are here now. Bears beware. Use risk stops to control risk.

BONDS 136.28 PIVOT, Live.

WZ-5.06, let the smart allics press $5.00with drought here small but around the world.. Foreigners yell at Senator's now a days. East Kansas crop doesn't get planted? 100 year low acerage? CALL if you need a coach that might have an idea.

WHEAT- I have 4 Major levels within the 20c range. Over that might start consecutive up pattern like sugar 1083 monthly. Same pattern as cited above. Sell stop never hit. Sugar- TODAY IS Day9. 12.99. org.

SPUS- last weeks high was up 10%, now only +6%. Big sellers are not going to buy stocks back is my opinion. Real selling.

Cattle- look Ranchers, the time to hedge FC has been hit or might hit higher. I of course have more higher OLSs but I do not like long Jan Mch May Feeders.

I don't know fundamental s but levels have been hit, (dragged up) back months while FCX stuck between olive sells for 3rd week which is a different animal in my studies.

LC ----++ Dec Feb- buy Dec.

I have some very decent OLBs live during this spread swan dive to MINUS $5.00.

Any ZG Bulls? Probably not at this extreme. This is where I might have gotten blown out if;

Trading too big. I like LC ZG this 1st time down. Big derivative plays are live last day. Extreme break enough? Patterns live also. What are you waiting for?

LCZ - If you bullish I have aggressive OLB 117.00ish, a few support lines, NL's slightly lower. Hit. Supportive tech.s Call for more.

Hogs- see those charts. Last few days swinging between OLS 58.40 ?? Ish, Support breakout lines to buy on spikes lower. Oct expires.

DOLLAR- call for sell levels 96 ish be next of contention. No bears around to me.

Bonds-. 137.28 larger OLB, little experimental but holding, 3.44% ish high tick in yield. Pretty attractive to me up almost 50 basis points from 145 few months back.

This is a big deal.

Buy bonds sell stocks? Timeframe needs to be answered. Tariffs kind of obvious.

STOCKS- THE BIG SELLING on this Break is not going back into Stocks my short sellers. A few FANG Stocks have changed hands. From Private Pros to the PUBLIC. Wsj.

A lot going on to unsuspecting public is my opinion. This is the real deal. Portfolio adjustments pre YEAR END?

Get a game plan and try to scale falling knives, at extremes like ??/128'ths and a consecutive pattern exhausting? Throw in a reversal in my proprietary geek timeframe the wrong way?

And if I have an olive?

SOLD. (CBOT consummated trade, bought or sold.)

Call for a FREE chart of some of those recent situations that occurred (boz sbh nasd, HOGS LC, OJ even.

If you liketrading education charting give me a call for a different perspective on trading.

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