South Dakota East River Hay Market
Sioux Falls, SD    Fri Oct 12, 2018    USDA-SD Dept of Ag Market News

South Dakota Weekly Hay Summary 
All prices per ton, unless noted, FOB the stack.

   Compared to last week:  All classes of hay steady to firm.  Demand
was better this week, moderate to good, as dairies need high testing
hay and are having difficulty finding it.  Good demand for grass hay
as cattle feeders need it to start calves on feed.  Improved demand
for corn stalks as the price of grass hay is causing cattle feeders
to look for alternative forages to blend into their rations.  Few new
corn stalk bales have been put up yet as little corn has been harvested.
Heavy rain, snow in central and western South Dakota, kept farmers 
out of the field this week.  Muddy roads and very muddy yards are 
making it difficult to load and haul hay.  With the muddy feedyard
conditions and fresh weaned calves arriving demand increased this
week for straw and corn stalks.  All hay and straw sold by the ton FOB,
unless otherwise noted. 

East River:
   Alfalfa:  Supreme: Large Squares, 205.00; Small Squares, 220.00
(6.50 per bale).  Premium:  Large Squares, 160.00-175.00.

   Sun-cured Alfalfa pellets:  15 pct 185.00; 17 pct 190.00.  Alfalfa
Meal:  17 pct 195.00.  

   Alfalfa/Grass Mix:  No reported sales.

   Grass:  Premium:  Small Squares, 170.00 (5.00 per bale; Large Rounds,
140.00.  Good-Premium: Large Rounds, 130.00.  Good: Large Rounds, 120.00.
Fair:  Large Rounds, 100.00.  Utility-Fair:  Large Rounds, 85.00, 107.00

   Straw:  Large Squares, 115.00; Small Squares, 4.50 per bale.

   Cornstalks:  Large Rounds, 50.00, 60.00 Del.

  West River:
   Alfalfa:  No Reported Sales.

   Alfalfa/Grass Mix:  No Reported Sales. 

   Grass:  No Reported Sales.

   Straw:  No Reported Sales.

  Alfalfa guidelines (domestic livestock use and not more than 10 pct 

Quality       ADF      NDF       RFV       TDN-100 pct   TDN-90 pct   CP
Supreme       <27      <34      >185         >62          >55.9       >22
Premium      27-29    34-36    170-185    60.5-62        54.5-55.9  20-22
Good         29-32    36-40    150-170      58-60        52.5-54.5  18-20
Fair         32-35    40-44    130-150      56-58        50.5-52.5  16-18
Utility       >35      >44      <130         <56          <50.5       <16

  RFV calculated using the WI/MN formula.  TDN calculated using the 
western formula.  Quantitative factors are approximate and many factors
can affect feeding value.  Values based on 100 pct dry matter.
Quantitative factors are approximate, and many factors can affect feeding
value.  Values based on 100 pct dry matter.  End usage may influence hay
price or value more than testing results. 

  Grass Hay guidelines
Quality       Crude Protein Percent 
Premium            Over 13
Good                  9-13
Fair                   5-9
Utility            Under 5

Source:  USDA-SD Dept of Ag Market News, Sioux Falls, SD
         Justin Lumpkin, Officer in Charge 605-372-8350 

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